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CGIAR Research Programs
Policies, Institutions and Markets; Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and HealthRead more
Outlooks and Global Change
High food and energy prices; climate changeRead more
Globalization, Trade & Markets
Trade policy; biofuels; price volatilityRead more
Natural Resource Policies
Land degradation; collective action and property rightsRead more
Risks and Emergencies
Horn of Africa; Arab awakening, DRCRead more
Governance and Policy Processes
Land governance;China's engagement in AfricaRead more
Development Strategies
Pakistan; MENA; ReSAKSSRead more
Poverty, Nutrition & Social Protection
Bangladesh Policy Research and Strategy Support Program; Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme Read more
Diet, Health & Food Safety
Improving nutrition; biofortification; Aflacontrol; nutrition in IndiaRead more
Science and Technology
Nanotechnogies; African agricultural R&DRead more
Policy Communications
Global Hunger Index; Insights; MENARead more
2020 Vision Initiative
Reshaping Agriculture for Nutrition and HealthRead more
Partnerships, Impact, Capacity
Partnerships; impact assessment; capacity strengtheningRead more
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New Delhi office; regional offices in AfricaRead more
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Models, data, best practices, and servicesRead more
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