Capacity Strengthening

Food Security Portal

Coherent, effective responses to the food-price crisis at the country level are critical. Launched in 2009, the Food Security Portal provides policymakers with current, country-specific information about developments in the world food system, increasing their ability to respond quickly and adequately. The Portal, which is facilitated by IFPRI, offers open access to the most up-to-date food security news so that global hunger spots can be identified in real time. It also includes relevant details on its initial 20 partner countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and Caribbean. Various food-price datasets—the latest information on consumption, stocks, undernourishment, poverty, and beyond—depict the overall image of the food security situation in a given country. This data can be analyzed using the Portal’s policy tools, which include food crisis reports and analytical models, and put to work using the Portal’s capacity-strengthening methods, which include simulations, indicators, and best practices.