Multilateral Trade Liberalization

IFPRI’s main work under this theme has been to evaluate multilateral trade liberalization under the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Development Round and to propose development-oriented measures to alleviate poverty and increase food security in developing countries. In this context, several IFPRI studies that emphasize the importance of extending duty-free, quota-free preferential market access for least developed countries have been influential at the policy level, particularly at the WTO.

Because WTO negotiators have been at a standstill on an agreement, IFPRI researchers have studied the implications of a failed Doha Round. The economic costs and any subsequent rush into protectionism raised by this possibility suggest a potential loss of more than US$1 trillion in world trade. These findings have had significant impact and have been quoted extensively by media outlets such as the Washington Post, the Economist, and Newsweek, as well as by the German Marshall Fund and other organizations.

Other focal areas under the Globalization, Trade, and Markets theme include:

Institutions and Infrastructure for Market Development

Participation in High-Value Agricultural Markets