HIV/AIDS and Food Security

Regional Network on AIDS, Livelihoods, and Food Security (RENEWAL)

RENEWAL, IFPRI’s flagship program on HIV/AIDS and food security, has continued to influence the multisectoral response to the HIV/AIDS–hunger nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa in the past year. The program played a prominent role in the August 2008 International AIDS Conference in Mexico, which was attended by more than 20,000 delegates. Early 2009 saw the culmination of collaborative work with the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and AIDS, which outlined options for AIDS-responsive social protection. A groundbreaking study of the impact of high food prices on households affected by the virus underscored the urgency of integrated HIV/AIDS and nutrition-security programming, while RENEWAL’s ongoing collaboration with the AIDS Support Organization in Uganda aims to generate such operational solutions. Throughout this time, the national networks have remained active in Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and South Africa, while links with regional and global organizations continue to grow stronger.

Other focal areas under the Risks and Emergencies theme include:

Rebuilding after Emergencies and Crises