IFPRI Contributes Analysis on Food Security under Climate Change in World Bank’s 2010 World Development Report

Division Director Mark Rosegrant and IFPRI’s climate change research team co-led the work on how to feed the world’s growing hungry population under the increased stress of climate change in the 2010 World Development Report (WDR), the World Bank’s annual flagship publication. Chapter 3 analyzes the hardships that agriculture, particularly in developing countries, will face, including reduced water availability. In order to double agricultural productivity growth while minimizing environmental damage, decisionmakers must identify crop varieties able to withstand climate shocks, diversify rural livelihoods, improve management of forests and fisheries, and invest in information systems. Critically, future credits from an international mechanism for carbon stored in trees and soils could benefit emission reductions and conservation goals. Chapter 3 and the rest of the WDR can be found at http://www.worldbank.org.