IFPRI ON THE GO: A New Mobile Phone Application for Browsing IFPRI's Online Content

April 28, 2010
by Peter Shelton

Stuck at the airport and need to contact the office? In a meeting and want to quote a report? Want to check something quickly on IFPRI’s website without starting up your laptop? Now you can use your phone to access IFPRI ON THE GO.

IFPRI has launched a mobile-friendly collection of services that will allow almost any mobile device to view IFPRI publications, find staff, receive news, learn about upcoming events, access online tools and social media pages, browse IFPRI office locations, and chat with the front desk or the library via Skype.

Simply point your smart phone or other mobile device to www.ifpri.org or mobile.ifpri.org for fast and easy access to IFPRI’s content. Moreover, as the mobile site has been developed to be light weight and quick loading, it also serves low-bandwidth users accessing IFPRI’s online content via traditional devices such as laptop and desktop computers.

IFPRI ON THE GO is great when you are away from IFPRI and would like to:

  • browse the latest IFPRI publications from your mobile device or from a low-bandwidth environment
  • email a colleague the link to a specific IFPRI publication or bookmark for later access
  • look up a staff person’s phone number or email address
  • find updates via IFPRI’s various feeds and social media channels (such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube)
  • contact library staff to request information about a particular resource
  • find the address and contact information for IFPRI’s various offices around the world

As mobile technology spreads around the world, IFPRI ON THE GO arrives at a good time.