Nanotechnology, Food, Agriculture and Development

June 23, 2008

IFPRI Policy Seminar - June 18, 2008

Imagine eating foods without absorbing harmful allergens and cholesterol into your body. Imagine farmlands in developing countries with environmental sensors that automatically release pesticides and fertilizers only when absolutely necessary. Imagine going to your nearest market and being able to modify the foods you purchase to suit your nutritional needs and tastes. The first two concepts are fast becoming a reality. The third appears to be on the horizon. These are some of the revolutionary means by which nanotechnology promises to transform the way we grow, process, and eat food.

This seminar addressed the growing importance of nanotechnology, the main applications being developed in food and agriculture, and the implications of these applications for the developing world.   Presentations by Mihail Roco (National Science Foundation), Hongda Chen (USDA/CSREES), and Guillaume Gruere (IFPRI).

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