Agriculture for Nutrition and Health

Does better agriculture mean better nutrition?

Does agriculture matter for nutrition? Certainly, the amount and quality of food produced in a food system, the availability of that food, and its price affect the types and quantities of food people eat.

Policies, Institutions, and Markets

In focus: Jobs in agriculture for young people

As we at CGIAR design the second phase of CGIAR Research Programs (2017-2022), we are incorporating issues newly requiring increased attention. Employment—and especially jobs for young people—is one such area. Automation and expansion of information and communication technologies (ICT) bring clear benefits, including to the world’s poor. But they also appear to be reducing the number of jobs requiring modest skill levels and yielding incomes over the poverty line.

Guest post

Perspectives on 2015 Global Nutrition Report

The 2015 Global Nutrition Report, released in New York on 23 September, shows that childhood stunting and wasting remain serious problems: More than 160 million children worldwide under five years old are too short for their age (stunted), while more than…


Why women’s empowerment is worth measuring

How can agriculture be a path to gender equality? The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) is a transformational tool that identifies ways to empower women working in agriculture. The project team recently announced the release of a new abbreviated…