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Why paying attention to gender matters for climate change adaptation

By Elizabeth Bryan, Patti Kristjanson, and Claudia Ringler Until recently, there has been little evidence supporting the need to focus on the gendered dimensions of agriculture and climate change. Why? Because few researchers have been talking to…


Leading, following, and innovating to feed a carbon-neutral world

Borrowing innovative ideas from research and other sectors, adjusting them, and scaling them up to meet the demand from developing country partners is essential if we are to make real progress toward creating a carbon-neutral world. Finding ways in…


Conference on Agricultural R&D in Africa

Extensive empirical evidence demonstrates that investments in agricultural R&D have greatly contributed to economic growth, agricultural development, and poverty reduction in developing regions over the past five decades. New agricultural technologies…


Tracking Research across the Globe

Research has shown that investments in agricultural research and extension have large impacts on agricultural productivity, poverty, and nutrition. Yet, countries under-invest in agriculture: In 2000, developing countries spent about $2 per capita on…