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Unlocking the code to economic models

Economic models can be used to conduct research on a wide range of topics and help analyze policies pertaining to agricultural growth, poverty, climate change, and natural resource management, to name a few.  Libraries of models are widely available…


Insights from Indonesia

Yanyan Liu  is a research fellow in IFPRI’s Markets, Trade and Institutions Division. The world’s population is both rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly urbanized. But while population growth poses significant challenges to food security and…


Seeking Answers to Global Trade Challenges

The World Trade Organization this week hosted a public forum, “Seeking Answers to Global Trade Challenges”, which discussed the future of the multilateral trading system. The forum addressed four main topics related to global trade: food security,…


Food security brings economic growth — not the other way around

The following piece by IFPRI's  Maximo Torero is an excerpt of a  story that was originally posted on the Devex Global Views blog  in honor of World Food Day (October 16). On  World Food Day, it's time to remind ourselves that economic growth is only…