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Climate Change and Farmers

Farmers around the world are grappling with the impacts of climate change and their struggle is only going to get worse as extreme weather events, shifting weather patterns, and increased temperatures make it more difficult to grow enough food to feed…


Will climate change affect what people eat?

Different crops react differently to changes in temperature and precipitation. Furthermore, climate change will affect the various regions of the world differently, and each region cultivates its own mix of crops. Across the climate change scenarios…


Can Canada (and other cold countries) feed the world if it heats up?

While some recent studies conclude that North American agriculture, including the highly productive Canadian prairies,  1  is expected to be less vulnerable to climate change than other regions of the world, 2, 3   our scenarios do ot suggest that Canada…


Risky business

In the drought-prone regions of East Africa and parts of South Asia, a lack of water can be the most damaging factor to a farmer’s bottom line. Agriculture is a particularly high-risk occupation in these regions, and climate shocks such as drought can…


A road trip without a map

The following story, by IFPRI Research Fellow Timothy Thomas, was originally published by the  Huffington Post. Before the age of the GPS, people relied on paper roadmaps when journeying to places they had never been before. It wasn’t always easy to…