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Mapping crops to improve food security

The following article was jointly written byIFPRI researchers  Weston Anderson  and  Liangzhi You  from the  Environmental and Production Technologies Division (EPTD)  and  Evgeniya Anisimova, communications specialist for the  CGIAR Research Program on…

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New U.S. Farm Bill reaffirms support to producers

The following post by IFPRI Senior Research Fellow  David Orden  is an excerpt of a  story originally published on IFPRI’s Food Security Portal. After more than three years of often tumultuous negotiations, the U.S. Congress has passed a new five-year…


Putting farmers at center of targeted investments in agriculture

One tends to think of farmers, especially low-income smallholder farmers, as the recipients of public investment for agriculture. At an IFPRI event earlier this week, a panel of experts turned that perspective around, pointing to research that showed…


The new politics of food & farming

The politics of food and agriculture are changing fast in the 21st Century. Farm lobbies remain as dominant as ever over policy within their own sectors in  OECD  countries, but in the realm of culture, the sophisticated elite that claim to speak for…