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Agricultural Productivity: Good and Bad News

The world’s population is growing, and we only have limited land for farming. Will we run out of food? That question, famously posed by Thomas Malthus in the early 19th century, has been discussed for decades. The short answer is: no, we will not run…


Playing games to save water

World Water Day 2013 begins the International Year of Water Cooperation. Today, we highlight an innovative research project that helps strengthen cooperation to protect and conserve this precious natural resource.    Recently, villagers in India and…


Man + Government + Machine: A Match Made in Ag Productivity Heaven?

Machines can do wonders for productivity, driving down the cost production and, ultimately, the consumer’s price for a given product. As agriculture in Africa becomes increasingly intensified, the demand for machines (such as tractors and power…


Putting farmers at center of targeted investments in agriculture

One tends to think of farmers, especially low-income smallholder farmers, as the recipients of public investment for agriculture. At an IFPRI event earlier this week, a panel of experts turned that perspective around, pointing to research that showed…


The Rise of Wheat in Africa

When you think of popular food staples in Africa, wheat doesn't necessarily come to mind first. Maize, green bananas, yams, cassava – sure. But wheat, the main ingredient for bread and pasta? In fact, the demand for wheat has been steadily rising in…