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 IFPRI Insights Magazine

August 2014 Insights Magazine

This edition of  Insights, IFPRI’s print and online magazine, is available. The August 2014 issue—coming in the midst of the  UN’s International Year of Family Farming —looks at the challenging future of family and smallholder farming in developing…

 Flickr (ILRI/Zerihun Sewunet)

Mapping crops to improve food security

The following article was jointly written byIFPRI researchers  Weston Anderson  and  Liangzhi You  from the  Environmental and Production Technologies Division (EPTD)  and  Evgeniya Anisimova, communications specialist for the  CGIAR Research Program on…

Marie Ruel, Director of Poverty, Health and Nutrition Division at IFPRI

Micronutrients and improving nutrition through food systems

In a recent  interview with the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, IFPRI’s  Marie Ruel  offers highlights from her presentation at last month’s  Micronutrient Forum Global Conference  in Addis, Ethiopia and speaks candidly with interviewer Pascal…

Atlas of African Agriculture Research & Development

Mapping ways to help African agriculture

Although Africa possesses nearly half of the world’s uncultivated arable land area, the prospect of expanding agricultural production into these zones carries significant environmental risks and is not viewed by many experts as a viable solution to…

Margaret McMillan

The Myth of de-industrialisation in sub-Saharan Africa

The following post by IFPRI Senior Researcher  Margaret McMillan  was  originally published on the Financial Times This is Africa website. There is even evidence that a healthy manufacturing sector can help to bridge the gap in income levels between rich…

Farmer with his mobile phone in Bihar, India.

Harvesting better access to information

A farmers’ success depends on more than good weather, healthy soil, and proper seeds. Good farming also involves a series of decisions: how much to plant each season, whether to invest in new crops, which markets to sell to. The right decisions can…