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Can chicken wire reduce stunting in children?

For decades, the agricultural sector has been tasked with helping to curb undernutrition and reduce poverty levels, especially in rural areas in many developing countries. The livestock sector holds particular promise for supporting such development…

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New study links poverty to heightened levels of aflatoxin exposure

Many of the foods people depend on most for their sustenance can carry a silent killer: aflatoxins. These naturally occurring fungal toxins contaminate food crops, such as maize, groundnuts, tree nuts, and a range of other produce.


Why gender matters for food safety

The following is an excerpted version of a blog story  originally published on the CGIARResearch Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) website. The story relates closely to this year’s theme for  World Health Day, which highlights the…

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Standards of care

The following story was  originally published on IFPRI’s Food Security Portal. Quality healthcare plays a crucial role in improving the lives of the poor. In many developing countries, however, high-quality healthcare can be hard to come by. This is…

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Generation gap

Though the effects of famine can extend beyond a single generation, researchers have found that by and large, humans are surprisingly resilient in the face of such extreme nutrition shocks. While recent initiatives such as the  1,000 Days…


Privatizing Africa’s Urban Water Supply: Good or Bad for Child Health?

Every year, 1 in 10 child deaths—approximately 800,000—are the direct result of diarrhea. Of these deaths, 88 percent are preventable by guaranteeing access to safe drinking water and sanitation supplies. The situation is particularly dire in Africa…


World Population Day

Chiara Kovarik is a Senior Research Assistant in IFPRI's Poverty Health and Nutrition Division Today, on  World Population Day, IFPRI recognizes that the world’s growing population—which reached 7 billion in 2011—has a powerful impact on development.…


World AIDS Day: December 1, 2010

For nearly a decade, IFPRI and its partners in the  Regional Network on AIDS, Livelihoods and Food Security (RENEWAL)  have been studying the critical links between HIV/AIDS, agriculture, hunger, and malnutrition. Active in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa,…


Workshop on Pro-Poor HPAI Risk Reduction

Senior IFPRI Research Fellow Clare Narrod and IFPRI Research Fellows Pippa Chenevix Trench and Marites Tiongco will be participating in a workshop in Phuket, Thailand on Pro Poor HPAI Risk Reduction: Lessons from Southeast Asia and Africa.…