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UN International Day of Rural Women

We know more and more about what our planet faces as climate change intensifies and greenhouse gas emissions lead us on a  probably irreversible  path of global warming and uncertain rainfall patterns, at least for the next four decades. As policymakers…


Getting to green

Can you eat policy? Obviously not, but without innovations in policy—together with technological innovations in food production, information, and communication that weren’t even dreamed of just a generation ago—there will not be enough nutritious food…


A road trip without a map

The following story, by IFPRI Research Fellow Timothy Thomas, was originally published by the  Huffington Post. Before the age of the GPS, people relied on paper roadmaps when journeying to places they had never been before. It wasn’t always easy to…


Resilience now

In less than two weeks, heads of state from around the world will gather in New York for the  UN Climate Change Summit. As a mounting body of evidence—including clear examples from Bangladesh and Fiji—makes clear, climate change is putting global food…