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How will crop yields change with an uncertain climate future?

IFPRI researchers recently received some attention for research on how climate change will affect croplands in the future. Using HADGEM2, a climate prediction model, Research Fellow Richard Robertson was able to predict what kinds of yields we might…


Tandem technologies and drought-risk management in Bangladesh

As climate change spurs increasingly unpredictable weather—such as droughts and floods—farmers find themselves on the defensive. Unpredictable weather wreaks havoc on both harvests and farmers, particularly smallholder farmers ill-equipped to absorb…

 Flickr (Simone D McCourtie/ World Bank)

Moving into poverty?

As the impacts of climate change, environmental degradation, and conflict continue to grow and intensify, so too will migration. However, what impact this increasing scale of migration has on the workforce in host communities is largely unknown. In…

Pictured, from left, are AAEA past President Julie Caswell, William Masters, and Margaret McMillan

Leaving their mark on agricultural economics

Why are most of the world’s poorest people located in tropical countries? When historical climate data became widely available in the late 1990s, IFPRI senior research fellow  Margaret McMillan  and coauthor  William Masters  of Tufts University were…