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Collaboration helps Colombia adapt to climate change

When it comes to enacting climate change policy in agriculture, policymakers are often challenged by a range of information and input from different sectors: the research community, the private sector, and the public and policymaking community. What’s…

Biofuels Foodstocks

Political Stalemate over EU Biofuel Policy Continues

The following story was originally published on IFPRI’s Food Security Portal. The “food vs. fuel” debate  came no closer to a resolution last week, as Energy ministers from the European Union’s 28 member states failed to agree on a compromise limiting…


What’s really causing water scarcity in Africa south of the Sahara?

The theme of  World Water Week 2013  (September 1-6) is “Water Cooperation: Building Partnerships.” Today, we highlight key research that looks at investment strategies for overcoming physical and economic limitations to water security. In Africa south…


Growing biofuels: how to reap rewards

This blog story  featuring commentary by  IFPRI Senior Research Fellow  Siwa Msangi  and other experts was originally posted on  The Guardian’s Development Professionals Network. Meghan Sapp, secretary general,  Pangea, Brussels, Belgium.  @pangea_link Don’t…


Ladybeetles: Cotton’s secret ingredient

This post   is part of the   CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) month-long series of blog stories on Ecosystem Services. Diversity in land use can support ecosystem services such as biological pest control and reduce the need for…


Privatizing Africa’s Urban Water Supply: Good or Bad for Child Health?

Every year, 1 in 10 child deaths—approximately 800,000—are the direct result of diarrhea. Of these deaths, 88 percent are preventable by guaranteeing access to safe drinking water and sanitation supplies. The situation is particularly dire in Africa…


Good Reasons for Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) Research

This blog story by IFPRI Senior Research Fellow   Alex De Pinto   was originally posted on Tim Thomas’ Much Ado About Something blog. It is now widely recognized that natural resource use in many developing countries, from crop production to…