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Monsoon Fears Driving Food Inflation in India

The following story was originally published on IFPRI’s  Food Security Portal. India’s monsoon season is off to its weakest start in five years, sparking fears over the potential for drought and increased food prices throughout the country. During the…


The Hidden Costs of US and EU Farm Subsidies

The world food situation continues to be vulnerable. A series of weather-related shocks in 2012—including severe droughts in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the United States—contributed to global food prices remaining high for a fifth consecutive…


Food and nutrition debated in Italy

What better place to talk about food than Italy? And that’s just what happened this week in Milan: a global discussion about how food is grown and distributed; who has plenty, who doesn’t – and why; and what the future holds for our ability to supply…


Tracking the 2012 G20

Food insecurity poses a daunting challenge to the G20’s goals of global economic growth and development. The impacts of high and volatile food prices in 2007-2008 and 2010-2011 remain widely visible, as seen during the 2011 Horn of Africa food crisis.…


Food Security Portal

The FAO’s recent announcement that global food prices reached a record high in December 2010 has once again brought food security to the forefront of global attention. The continued rise in food prices in 2010, coupled with the prediction of a…


The population and income growth 'double whammy'

IFPRI’s lead climate change researcher,  Gerald Nelson, spoke to Living on Earth’s Bruce Gellerman on January 21 about the relationship between the recent worldwide price spikes and weather events—and what this means for the future of food security in…