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Food Security Portal

The FAO’s recent announcement that global food prices reached a record high in December 2010 has once again brought food security to the forefront of global attention. The continued rise in food prices in 2010, coupled with the prediction of a…


The population and income growth 'double whammy'

IFPRI’s lead climate change researcher,  Gerald Nelson, spoke to Living on Earth’s Bruce Gellerman on January 21 about the relationship between the recent worldwide price spikes and weather events—and what this means for the future of food security in…


Food and Financial Crises: Implications for Agriculture and the Poor

Brief by Joachim von Braun, prepared for CGIAR Annual General Meeting, Maputo, Mozambique, December 1, 2008 High food prices from 2007 through mid-2008 had serious implications for food and nutrition security, macroeconomic stability, and political…