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Which regions will be most affected by climate change?

In which regions will agriculture and food security be most affected by climate change? That depends on how you define “affected”. Climate change can affect agricultural outcomes on many levels. Climate change can decrease (or in some cases…


Announcing Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2010

Save the date for  Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2010:  Finding sustainable agriculture solutions to meet food security and climate challenges. WHEN: 4 December 2010 WHERE: Gran Melia Resort in Cancun, Mexico WHAT: A one-day event parallel…


Experts tackle food security-climate change challenge

Threats that climate change—a phenomenon marked by global warming and an increase in extreme weather events—pose to the world’s one billion food-insecure are well  documented. Desertification, rising sea levels, depleted freshwater sources, deadly…


Getting to green

Can you eat policy? Obviously not, but without innovations in policy—together with technological innovations in food production, information, and communication that weren’t even dreamed of just a generation ago—there will not be enough nutritious food…


Resilience now

In less than two weeks, heads of state from around the world will gather in New York for the  UN Climate Change Summit. As a mounting body of evidence—including clear examples from Bangladesh and Fiji—makes clear, climate change is putting global food…