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IFPRI Outcome Stories

Promoting strategic agricultural public spending in Nigeria

In 2015, the World Bank awarded a $100 million grant to Nigeria for the implementation of a public expenditure action plan to reform the country’s agricultural sector. The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Finance drew heavily from IFPRI’s research during…

A poll worker explains the process to a voter

Launch of New Seminar Series on Strengthening Institutions and Governance

IFPRI’s new strategy features Strengthening Institutions and Governance as one of six key research areas and emphasizes the cross-divisional nature of this important topic. In order to enhance awareness of ongoing work in this area, a Strengthening…


IFPRI-World Bank Gender and Governance Book

Agricultural development and poverty reduction depend on the effective delivery of public services to farmers and the rural poor. However, the efficient and regular delivery of public services to the poor in rural areas is hindered by far-reaching…


Toward a New Global Governance System for Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition

Commentary Toward a New Global Governance System for Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition  What Are the Options? The current world food and agricultural policy system is in disarray. For some time, we have observed the symptoms of this disarray with…


Can Local Government Work for the Poor?

In 1994, when Jean-Paul Faguet, then working at the World Bank, heard about Bolivia’s plan to empower local communities, he was skeptical. Although the plan was called Law of Popular Participation, it was designed by a small group at the central…