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Farmer with his mobile phone in Bihar, India.

Harvesting better access to information

A farmers’ success depends on more than good weather, healthy soil, and proper seeds. Good farming also involves a series of decisions: how much to plant each season, whether to invest in new crops, which markets to sell to. The right decisions can…

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Fishing for answers

Amid a future of growing populations, economies, and changing diets, questions arise as to how current practices can meet future food demands. Aquaculture, also known as fish farming, may be key: It is expected that as much as two-thirds of all fish…


Some Ideas to Break the Stalemate on Agricultural Issues at Bali

The following post by IFPRI visiting Senior Research Fellow Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla  is an excerpt of a story originally published on IFPRI's Food Security Portal. The negotiations seem to be heading for a breakdown again over agricultural issues linked…


In the Market for Better Health

Properly functioning markets play a key role in improving the economic well-being of poor populations. But a recent IFPRI event highlighted how markets can do even more, reaching beyond economics to have an important impact on health outcomes. On…

SPEED Tableau map

Let’s SPEED Up

Public resources are limited and determining how to best allocate finite funds to achieve the greatest impact on poverty reduction and economic development requires credible public expenditure data. However, due to a lack of systematic collection and…


Agriculture in Africa

This blog story  by  Eva Donelli  was originally posted on the  Devex Development News site. The agricultural sector’s growth has lagged behind national economic growth in Africa, according to an International Food Policy Research Institute study. Given…


The Doha Round and Food Security

The following is an excerpted version of a story originally published on IFPRI’s  Food Security Portal. The WTO Doha Development Round trade negotiations have been at an impasse since their launch in 2001, and have gotten particularly bogged down over…


The global welfare benefits of slashing the export tax

Taxes were on the minds of many as politicians descended upon St. Petersburg for the  G20 summit last week, with financial transaction taxes, tax havens, and illicit financial flows featuring prominently on global agendas. In the realm of export taxes,…


A slowdown in the growth of the Dragon?

Antoine Bouet   is an IFPRI Senior Research Fellow. After decades of strong growth, is China’s economy starting to show signs of a slowdown? And, if so, what would this mean for the country’s national poverty reduction campaign and for the global…