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Maize seeds ready for distribution in Malawi

Building Smarter Subsidies

Input subsidy programs—a mainstay of 1960s and 1970s international donor agendas—have regained favor in Africa south of the Sahara in recent years. Although 10 African countries spent more than $1 billion on these programs in 2011 alone, little…

IFPRI's John Hoddinott and WFP's Annalisa Conte

Cash, Food or Vouchers

IFPRI and others have extensively evaluated social safety net programs in developing countries that provide recipients with cash, food, or vouchers, but there have been almost no evaluations of how those transfers stack up when compared against each…

A poll worker explains the process to a voter

Launch of New Seminar Series on Strengthening Institutions and Governance

IFPRI’s new strategy features Strengthening Institutions and Governance as one of six key research areas and emphasizes the cross-divisional nature of this important topic. In order to enhance awareness of ongoing work in this area, a Strengthening…

Mother and child

Cause and Effect

Women’s empowerment is increasingly a priority in international development, for reasons of social justice, and also because it is considered an important way by which to achieve development goals, such as those related to health, nutrition, and…


Learning to Fly

Africa is confronting a complex development challenge: population pressures are driving land scarcity, resulting in progressively smaller plots of land per farmer. On the land that’s still available, soil is rapidly degrading. How can Africa maintain,…


Pool Rules

When a natural disaster strikes, it takes its toll in lives, homes, and entire cities. What’s more, the costs of reconstruction are not strictly financial—it can also drain other resources geared toward long-term development outcomes such as capacity…


Tangled up in Blue

Appearances can be deceiving: There’s always a backstory, the behind-the-scenes truths of how we moved from point A to point B. How the intangible dynamics of power structures, information pathways, and spheres of influence ultimately shape policy…


The Hidden Costs of US and EU Farm Subsidies

The world food situation continues to be vulnerable. A series of weather-related shocks in 2012—including severe droughts in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the United States—contributed to global food prices remaining high for a fifth consecutive…