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When wells fail: Farmers’ response to groundwater depletion in India

The following post by  Avinash Kishore, Associate Research Fellow at IFPRI , is an excerpted version of a  story that originally appeared on the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) Agriculture and Ecosystems Blog as part of their…


A Green Economy and the Poor

One of the pillars of discussion at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) will be the green economy—an economy that pursues growth while promoting sustainable development through efficient use of resources, in particular…


Greening Agriculture in South Asia

South Asia  is a paradox. The region enjoys high economic growth but suffers from extreme poverty, undernourishment, and the deterioration of its natural resources. It houses more than 42 percent of the world’s poor earning less than US$ 1.25 per day.…


Effective and efficient water allocation in the Yellow River Basin

A set of seven policy  notes  (see policy briefs under outputs) recently released by the International Food Policy Research Institute and its collaborators, including the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Center for Chinese Agricultural…


Reducing water-based poverty in the Yellow River Basin

Water resources continue to be a major constraint for China’s Yellow River Basin, a region enjoying rapid economic growth. Researchers have documented a link between access to water for irrigation and economic well-being: non-irrigated villages have…


Reducing Poverty and Hunger in Yemen

Dialogue with Clemens Breisinger, Research Fellow, Development Strategy and Governance Division: Why is IFPRI now focusing on Yemen? Yemen has been hard hit by the recent global food crisis and ongoing global recession due to its high dependency on…