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Why we should care about women's right to land

This blog story  by IFPRI senior researcher Agnes Quisumbing  was originally posted as part of the  Devex Land Matters for Women campaign. Why do you care about women’s land rights? Isn’t it enough for the household to have land? This question is a common…


International Women's Day 2012

On March 7th, the eve of  International Women's Day, a launch event was held at the Houses of Parliament for the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI). The Index was released at the UN in New York on February 28. The theme for this year's…


Women and Anti-Poverty Programs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has made impressive strides towards poverty reduction in the last decade. However, women continue to bear the burden of extreme poverty and malnutrition, a result of long-standing gender bias in the allocation of food and other resources…