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Screenshot of Iraq Spatial website (March 23, 2014).

Pioneering online tool targets improved decision making in Iraq

The following story was  originally published on the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) website. ICARDA is a member of the  Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers, supported by…

 Flickr (CIAT/Neil Palmer)

Collaboration helps Colombia adapt to climate change

When it comes to enacting climate change policy in agriculture, policymakers are often challenged by a range of information and input from different sectors: the research community, the private sector, and the public and policymaking community. What’s…

Leveled field being irrigated in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India.

Leveling with friends

Technology can serve as a catalyst in agriculture, shifting farmers from subsistence to profit, and spurring dramatic quality of life improvements for the rural poor in many developing countries. New technologies can also help farmers contend with the…

Arab Spatial

Connecting the Dots Improving food security and enhancing economic development in developing countries requires a multifaceted approach—and that includes access to reliable data. In the swiftly changing Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region,…

Shifting the goal

Data is the Real Currency of Science

The following post by Kate Langford is an excerpted version of a story originally published on the World Agroforestry Centre's News and Events site. In the scientific world where publications are of paramount importance, CGIAR scientists are proposing…


Open Access Week 2013

At the 6th annual  Open Access Week  the academic and research communities celebrate their continued commitment to data sharing and access to information. As part of this global commitment to Open Access and Open Data, the CGIAR Consortium’s board…


Arab Spatial’s First Six Months

IFPRI Senior Research Analyst   Perrihan Al-Riffai   discusses the progress and promise of Arab Spatial, an open-access database and interactive mapping tool she helped design that houses and geographically displays data on more than 150 indicators of…


ReSAKSS-Africa website gets a facelift

ReSAKSS-Africa (Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System) website  is now ready with enhanced features to track progress in implementing the  Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), including the target of…


Tangled up in Blue

Appearances can be deceiving: There’s always a backstory, the behind-the-scenes truths of how we moved from point A to point B. How the intangible dynamics of power structures, information pathways, and spheres of influence ultimately shape policy…