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Biotechnology, Agriculture, and Food Security in Southern Africa

by Steven Were Omamo and Klaus von Grebmer In 2002, small domestic food supplies combined with strained domestic markets threatened to leave millions of people across southern Africa at risk of starvation. A similar combination of poor weather, policy…

DG Corner – News from the Director General

Big bets for a world without hunger and malnutrition

The following post by IFPRI Director General Shenggen Fan  was  originally published on his DG Corner blog. While the international community works to set the Sustainable Development Goals, which will serve as guideposts for the post-2015 agenda, Bill…


Remote data collection in the 21st Century

This blog story by  Jeffrey Dickinson  was originally posted on the HarvestChoice blog. Jawoo Koo  and  Cindy Cox from IFPRI’s Environment and Production Technology Division  also contributed to this story. Traditional household surveys often take weeks or…


Fueling the fire

Ideas can fuel economic development, which is why legal protection for these ideas—in the form of patents—is an essential building block of a healthy economy. China, once the manufacturing hub of the world, faces rising labor costs due to rising…


Doubling down on a good investment

As the world’s population continues to expand, ensuring that food production can meet the growing demand is an ever-mounting challenge. Climate change, soil degradation, and volatile food prices further threaten food security at a time when increasing…


Celebrating a legacy, envisioning a food secure future

The image of a female smallholder farmer eking out a living on a postage stamp-sized parcel of degraded land with a baby on her back and barely enough to feed her family may belong in the history books, but more work is needed to get to…