IA Publications

To ensure that impact assessments are universally credible, an external impact assessment coordinator oversees and guides the process and externally commissioned experts approved by the coordinator lead all impact assessments. IFPRI makes these impact assessments available as peer-reviewed impact assessment discussion papers.

Key Publications

An assessment of IFPRI’S work in Ethiopia 1995–2010: Ideology, influence, and idiosyncrasy
Independent Impact Assessment Report. Mitch Renkow and Roger Slade. 2013.

An ex-post impact assessment of IFPRI's GRP22 program, Water Research Allociation: Productivity and Environmental Impacts
Impact Assessment Discussion Paper. Jeffrey W. Bennett. 2013.

Impact Assessment: IFPRI 2020 conference "Leveraging Agriculture for Improving Nutrition and Health"
Impact Assessment Discussion Paper. Robert Paarlberg. 2012.