China Strategy Support Program


Implementing a Collaborative Research Program

The China Program carries out its research agenda by interacting with policymakers and collaborating closely with Chinese institutions and individuals at national and provincial levels. The Program’s partner institutions are based in provinces ranging from Guizhou and Gansu—two of the poorest regions in China—to Zhejiang, one of the most developed. IFPRI’s main research partners in China include

  • Rural Department, Development Research Center of the State Council
  • Rural Economy Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Institute of Macroeconomic Research, National Development and Reform Commission
  • Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
  • Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • China Academy for Rural Development, Zhejiang University
  • School of Economics and Trade, Gansu Agricultural University
  • Institute of Economics and Management, Guizhou University
  • Institute of Economics and Management, Henan Institute of Light Industry
  • School of Economics, Yunnan Normal University
  • Sichuan Academy of Social Science

The research agenda will be carried out in close interaction with policymakers and in close collaboration with Chinese research institutes and individuals at the national and provincial levels. Chinese and IFPRI researchers can benefit greatly from each other’s skills and resources, such as knowledge of ongoing policies and relevant research topics, contacts with local policymakers and officials, access to Chinese and international data and literature, research experience in other regions or countries, and familiarity with relevant research methodologies. This interaction should guarantee a rich learning experience for all collaborators, better implementation of research projects, efficient division of responsibilities, and improved capacity for research on poverty and malnutrition issues.