The MIRAGE Model


As several members of MTID (Antoine Bouet, David Laborde) have been important contributors to the MIRAGE model since the early day of the model, IFPRI is one of the main users and developers of the model. It has been used intensively for analyzing the consequences of the WTO negotiations and the success or failure of the Doha Round, as well as regional and bilateral agreements such as the Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

In addition, to the trade policy assessment, the MIRAGE model has benefited from recent developments that allow new research directions such as the biofuels, the impact of financial crisis on developing countries, climate change and the agricultural price volatility.

MIRAGE is also a core resource for training session in trade policy assessment developed by the MTID team inside the framework of the International Policy Analysis Network (IPAN) funded by the Hewlett Fundation. As a result, researchers in Peru, Sri Lanka and Senegal have benefited from an extended training in the MIRAGE model and have used it to assess trade agreements involving their countries.