Genetic Resource Policies for the Poor

Selection Criteria

bEcon includes papers that present new evidence related to these questions as well as papers that review relevant methods and findings. Papers are classified as methods papers if the author states an economic method and applies it to empirical data collected for the purpose of the study. The web-based bibliography is updated on a regular basis as new publications become available.

bEcon publications are organized into four main categories: the impacts of genetically engineered crops on farms, on consumers, on industries/sectors, and on international trade. A small but growing set of studies addresses the costs of regulations, which is a particularly significant issue for transgenic crops. This category is grouped under the topic of industry impact.

All papers included in bEcon meet well-established criteria. In general, they must:
* focus on transgenic crops in non-industrialized agriculture, including at least one developing economies.
* be peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and published conference proceedings. Technical reports, working papers, and discussion papers are considered if there is some indication of peer review.

bEcon does not consider:
* papers focusing on crop biotechnologies other than transgenic crops, such as tissue culture.
* papers in progress and papers accepted for presentation at conferences but not yet accepted for publication.
* papers published by local, state, or national governments, as well as by private organizations and nongovernmental organizations, unless they have been peer reviewed.
* purely theoretical studies, conceptual papers, or critical essays.