Genetic Resource Policies for the Poor

Selection Criteria

  1. Biodiversity of crops and plants
    * In-situ crops (on farm)
    * Ex-situ crops and crop relatives (banks and breeding programs)
    * Medicinal and pharmaceutical plants
  2. Animal genetic resources conservation and sustainable use
  3. Biodiversity measurements

All papers included in BioConserv meet well-established criteria. In general, BioConserv includes papers that:

  • focus on crop and plant biodiversity, animal genetic resources conservation, and biodiversity measurements
  • are peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, thesis, technical reports, working papers, and discussion papers
  • include papers with focus on developed countries that have innovative methods
  • are authored by CGIAR researchers working on the theme.

BioConserv does not consider:

  • papers published by local, state, or national governments, as well as by private organizations and nongovernmental organizations, unless they have been peer reviewed
  • purely theoretical studies, conceptual papers, or critical essays.