Mozambique Strategy Support Program (MozSSP)

Agriculture is a vital income source for a majority of Mozambique’s population, contributing more than 25 percent to GDP, 20 percent of export earnings, and providing key inputs into manufacturing. Moreover, rapid reduction in poverty in Mozambique will require sustained agricultural growth and associated growth linkages to support growth in the overall economy. Thus, increasing agricultural productivity is a top priority for the Mozambique government.

The Mozambique Strategy Support Program (MozSSP) is designed to support these efforts to reduce poverty in Mozambique through evidence-based research, capacity strengthening and policy communications. At the heart of these efforts is the Mozambique Strategy Analysis and Knowledge Support System (MozSAKSS), which works closely with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Economics (MINAG/DE).

Current research of MozSSP/MozSAKSS includes work on fertilizer productivity, small-scale irrigation, the impact of agricultural growth for poverty reduction (in support of the CAADP process in Mozambique) and implications of the rural-urban transformation for poverty reduction and food security in Mozambique.

Funding for MozSAKSS and MozSSP is provided by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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