Global Food and Natural Resources


This research program aims to enhance food security, reduce poverty, and improve environmental sustainability under global change. To achieve this, IFPRI is providing unique knowledge and tools that enhance decision makers’ understanding of the potential impacts of global change and support the systematic evaluation of policy and investment intervention options for best responding and adapting to change. Key research questions include:

  • What drivers and uncertainties will most impact food security, poverty, and environmental sustainability in the coming decades?
  • What is the range of plausible future trajectories of these major drivers of change, and what will their impacts be on global food and agricultural systems? How do these drivers contribute to fluctuations in food prices and other socioeconomic stresses?
  • What are the implications of these alternative futures for the efficiency and resilience of global food and agricultural systems?
  • What are the consequences of these changes in food and agricultural systems for ecosystem services (such as enhancement of soil quality, control of salinity, etc.)?
  • What strategic, cost-effective investments and policy reforms—national and international—are needed to enhance human welfare in equitable and sustainable ways under global change?