Social Protection, Livelihoods and Asset Building

Conditional Cash Transfer Programs for Indigenous Peoples

Enhancing Effectiveness and Addressing Socio-Cultural Impacts

This project is aimed at understanding the impacts of conditional cash transfer programs on indigenous peoples in Latin America. It will consist of three components: an extensive literature review on CCT programs and the indigenous in Latin America, consisting of a desk review of documents, focusing on key design elements; a quantitative analysis of (up to) three countries, including a review of existing datasets to assess potential for new information and targeting of impacts of CCTs on indigenous communities and households, as well as the specific impacts of CCTs on indigenous communities; and an in-depth qualitative study of one selected country in Latin America. This project seeks to improve the effectiveness of CCTs for indigenous communities in Latin America by developing operational principles that focus on culturally appropriate adaptations and solutions for challenges such as geographical isolation that restrict both the coverage and impact of existing programs for these communities.