Globalization and Markets

Research Tools

  • Mirage - Modeling International Relationships in Applied General Equilibrium
    A General Equilibrium Model, developed initially at CEPII (Paris), aimed at analyzing trade, agricultural and energy policy changes in a dynamic setting. It provides key inputs to policy makers in international negotiations and benefits from the most recent modeling innovations.

  • MacMapHS6 - Market Access Map at the HS6 level
    A detailed protection database on bound and applied tariffs for 171 importers and 209 exporters over 5,113 products for the year 2004. It is the richest global analytical tariff database and is widely used for assessing protection, performing econometric analysis and computing detailed tariff scenarios for trade negotiations.

  • TASTE - Tariff Analytical and Simulation Tool for Economists
    A dedicated software to analyse applied trade policies and perform detailed trade policy scenarios based on the MAcMap-HS6 database. It has been developed to provide valuable inputs for the GTAP model but can work as a stand-alone application.