Current Research

Ongoing research work at IFPRI seeks to make further improvements and modifications to the IMPACT model to address a number of other important food and water policy issues in more detail. The research team is moving to integrate IMPACT with other models at both more macro and micro level representation of food supply, demand, trade, and interactions with both the socioeconomic and biophysical environments. Agronomic and land use modeling will help take account for spatially-explicit, biophysical factors in different agro-ecological conditions, in particular, with respect to important climatic conditions, soil quality, and salinity. Household-level data and models are being developed to disaggregate demand factors by income class and urban and rural residence. At the same time, we are also working to develop interfaces with both national- and global-level computable general equilibrium (CGE) models that will enable a better representation of many of the economic drivers that are modeled endogenously in CGE models.

Future developments for the IMPACT model IMPACTResFig1.jpg