A report on fish summarizes results for production, consumption, net exports and real price changes for 10 economic categories of fisheries items, disaggregated into 15 geographic regions of the world. Under the medium-variant scenario for the capture fisheries sectors, global production of fish for food consumption is projected to rise by 1.5% annually through 2020, with two-thirds of the growth from aquaculture, whose share in total food fish production rises to 41%. Global per capita fish consumption is projected to reach 17.1 kg in 2020. Most growth will occur in the group of developing countries, which will account for 79% of food fish production in 2020. China’s share of world production will continue to expand, while that of Japan, the EU, and the former USSR will continue to contract.

Fish as Food: Projections to 2020 Under Different Scenarios

Fish to 2020: Supply and Demand in a Changing World provides in-depth results on the fish projections.