Rural-Urban Linkages

Major projects

Determinants of Remittances

The goal of this project is to identify the behavioral determinants of remittances. In particular, the project seeks to understand what types of motives drive remittances.

Remittances form a very important source of income for many developing countries. They can also constitute a large percentage of the livelihood of many poor families in developing countries. Understanding the behavioral determinants of remittances is therefore important for designing policies that reduce poverty.

This project intends to enhance such understanding primarily by designing new field experiments to test different determinants of remittance behavior. The project will also analyze quasi-experimental and field observational data to address related questions. A pilot field experiment was conducted in 2009 with Salvadoran migrants residing in the metropolitan DC area; the data from this pilot are currently being analyzed. For more information on ongoing projects/papers, please contact Máximo Torero or Angelino Viceisza.