Ghana Strategy Support Program

Action Research

Strategic Policy Research Areas

  • Pro-poor growth: study the growth and poverty dynamics of the Ghanaian economy and identify macroeconomic challenges and opportunities for agricultural and rural development and poverty reduction.
  • Markets and competitiveness: investigate the competitiveness of Ghanaian farmers in international, regional, and domestic markets for various products, identify potential opportunities, and suggest policies and investments to support agribusiness development, particularly for the benefit of smallholders.
  • Pro-poor investment: evaluate public investment options and the trade-offs between growth and poverty reduction inherent in them and examine options to finance the required investments.
  • Nonfarm and urban links: examine sectors and policies that help create employment and investigate the role of the nonfarm economy and the linkages between urban and rural area.s
  • Natural resources: suggest development strategies to achieve pro-poor growth that also leads to sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Decentralization and rural public services: identify opportunities to effectively decentralize supply of public services to local governments and examine institutional arrangements to build accountability to the poor.