Uganda Strategy Support Program

About the Program

USSP Objectives

The Uganda Strategy Support Program seeks to:

  • generate policy-relevant evidence to fill knowledge gaps on priority agricultural and rural development issues;
  • contribute to the implementation of the National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (NIMES) to track progress of the agricultural sector and rural economy and provide feedback on how the implementation of development strategies can be improved over time;
  • strengthen the capacity of national institutions to monitor progress, evaluate impacts, and undertake applied agricultural and rural development policy research; and
  • strengthen the capacity of national institutions to effectively feed the policy research outputs into the policymaking process.

Key USSP Activities

The following activities are crucial to achieving USSP’s objectives:

  • Monitoring and evaluation to track progress in achieving development strategy goals and to assess their impact on poverty reduction and income.
  • Strategic policy research to address key knowledge gaps.
  • Capacity strengthening of agricultural and rural development policy analysis through collaborative links with national institutions. Activities will be designed in collaboration with subnational, national, regional, and international partners.
  • Policy communications through regular consultations, seminars, and workshops to bring relevant stakeholders together to plan as well as discuss the findings and outputs of the program activities.

Within IFPRI, the program is managed by the Development Strategy and Governance (DSG) Division. The day-to-day activities of USSP will be implemented by a core team made up of Kampala-based IFPRI staff, the PMA, Secretariat staff, and other staff seconded by key partner institutions to the program. The core team will work closely with IFPRI staff around the world, as well as with a network of people in the different partner institutions.

IFPRI has been actively engaged in Uganda for more than seven years and has a project office in Kampala