Uganda Strategy Support Program

Action Research

The following strategic policy research themes are the primary focus areas of the USSP:

  • Pro-poor growth: investigating investments and interventions needed to achieve poverty reduction and economic growth.
  • Public investments: assessing the returns on investment of agricultural and rural development expenditures and the distributional impacts of public expenditure patterns.
  • Commercialization: assessing ways and means to integrate smallholder production systems into agribusiness supply chains.
  • Competitiveness: seeking solutions in improving the competitiveness of Uganda’s agricultural products on domestic, regional, and international markets.
  • Markets and services: examining how agricultural marketing and agroprocessing systems can be strengthened and how supply of, access to, and utilization of rural and agricultural finance can be improved.
  • Natural resources: identifying strategies for agricultural growth and poverty reduction that do not compromise natural resources and the environment, particularly improving the profitability of inorganic fertilizer and other productivity-enhancing inputs.
  • Decentralization: identifying options for decentralization to benefit the most vulnerable populations and evaluating how service delivery can be made more effective for the poor.