Uganda Strategy Support Program

National Advisory Committee

A National Advisory Committee prioritizes USSP activities and seeks to integrate the program’s outputs into Uganda’s policymaking process for effective implementation of agricultural and rural development strategies. The program activities build on existing work and capacities in Uganda through partnerships networks with:

Key sector ministries

  • Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries (MAAIF)
  • Finance, Planning, and Economic Development (MFPED)
  • Water, Lands, and Environment (MWLE)
  • Energy and Minerals Development (MOEMD)
  • Education and Sports (MOES)
  • Foregin Affairs (Tourism, Trade, and Industry (MTTI))
  • Works, Housing and Communication (MWHC)
  • Gender, Labor, and Social Development (GLSD)
  • Local Government (MOLG), and
  • Health (MOH)

Government implementing agencies

  • Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS)
  • National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)
  • National Agricultural Advisory Services Secretariat (NAADS)
  • Dairy Development Authority (DDA)
  • Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)
  • Cotton Development Organization (CDO), and
  • Local governments agencies (district and sub-county authorities).

Other government agencies

  • National Planning Authority (NPA)
  • National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (NIMES) Secretariat
  • Medium-Term Competitiveness Strategy (MTCS) Secretariat
  • Strategic Exports Program (SEP), and
  • National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)

Civil society organizations

  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • Community-based organizations, and
  • Farmer associations

Private-sector entities

  • Farmers and service providers

Research institutions

  • Makerere University
  • Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC)

Donor agencies

Regional bodies and other international organizations