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Resources for Authors

Publication Types and Review Processes
Which publication format best suits your needs? What type of review process is required?

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IFPRI Resources for Authors

Editing: Levels
What type of editorial support do you need?

Editing: Timeframes
How much time will that take?

Editorial Guidelines for PRC Publications
How should manuscripts going to the Publications Review Committee, including books and research monographs, be formatted?

Procedures for Discussion Papers
What are the requirements for publishing a discussion paper? How long will it take?

Style Manual
Do IFPRI publications adhere to specific grammatical and stylistic guidelines? This manual details IFPRI’s house style, including the consistent forms of grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, documentation, and language used in our publications.

Figures, Maps, and Equations: Submitting Files
What types of figure files are publishable?

How can you obtain permission to use copyrighted (non-IFPRI) material in your own publications?

What does it mean to be an author or coauthor at IFPRI?

Translation Guidelines

Marketing Questionnaire
Which publisher best suits your book: IFPRI or a third-party press?

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