Bioenergy Research

IFPRI’s Approach to Biofuels

IFPRI uses an analytical, evidence-based approach to examine the effect of biofuels on regional and global energy and food market dynamics, with a particular focus on human well-being, economic growth and the environment. IFPRI draws attention to key policy design and sustainability issues, and captures overlooked aspects of food security and ecosystem health that are linked to agriculture and food production system performance. To examine biofuels development within the wider context of socio-economic development and growth, IFPRI combines its global scenario analysis and market modeling tools—such as the International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT) and Modeling International Relationships in Applied General Equilibrium (MIRAGE) models—with country-level analysis that links household well-being to macro-economic conditions. Biofuels is strongly linked to two of IFPRI’s research themes: Strategies and Policies for Adapting to Global Change and Globalization and Trade. Other collaborators, both within and outside the institute, are also involved in this work.