Social Accounting Matrices (SAM); 1995-1996 -- Disaggregated Version

The aggregated and disaggregated Brazil Social Accounting Matrices for 1995-96 are primarily based on the 1995 Input-Output Table and National Accounts for Brazil, as well as the 1995-96 Agricultural Census. The disaggregated SAM has a total of 119 accounts. This SAM is characterized by its disaggregation of agricultural production activities by region (Amazon, Northeast, Center-west, and South and Southeast) and farm size (small and large). The aggregated version is based on the disaggregated SAM. It has a total of 71 accounts ; agricultural activities and factors are not disaggregated by region.

For a description of the construction and use of these SAMs, see Research Report #129, Balancing Agricultural Development and Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

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Brazil: Social Accounting Matrices, 1995-1996: Aggregated Version. 2003. Washington, D.C.: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (datasets).

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