Philippines Cash Cropping Project, Southern Bukidnon Province, 1984-1985

The questionnaire was administered in 4 rounds over two years to approximately 450 households. Topics include household information; parcels of land owned and cultivated; production of sugar, corn, rice, and other crops; agricultural wage labor; other sources of income; backyard production; assets; food and non-food expenditures; preschool feeding; health services and nutritional knowledge; time allocation; anthropometry and morbidity; and household food intake. See also: Philippines: Bukidnon Panel Survey, 2003-2004

External publication citing this dataset: Samson, Maryan S., “An Analysis of Remittance Tendencies of Philippine Migrant Workers” (2011). CMC Senior Theses. Paper 195.

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Philippines Cash Cropping Project, Southern Bukidnon Province, 1984-1985. 2000. Washington, D.C.: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (datasets).…

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