Advancing Agriculture in Developing Countries through Knowledge and Innovation

International Conference
Apr 7, 2008 - 04:00 am UTC to Apr 9, 2008 - 04:00 pm UTC

Development in Sub-Saharan Africa is often perceived as being blocked by issues of inappropriate agricultural technologies, immense institutional constraints, and deep problems with the organization and management of agricultural systems. In spite of this, there are many examples of technological, institutional, and organizational innovations that are transforming agriculture and leading to growth and development. However, many countries and agricultural systems remain mired in under-development, and face major barriers to the use of knowledge and innovation for development. There are important lessons that can be learned and scaled up from the successes that are occurring, as well as from examining cases that did not work.

This conference aims to provide a forum for the exchange of these ideas and experiences on knowledge and innovation systems among different innovation agents (including the public, private, and civil sectors); to showcase methods and applications of successful experiences in knowledge and innovations; and to identify areas for further research, advocacy, and cooperation.

An important component of the conference, therefore, is hearing from a wide range of actors who are working in knowledge and innovation, be they agricultural researchers, heads of farmers’ organizations, non-governmental project managers, or private agro-processors. The conference speakers, panels, and participants will explore the components that contribute to growth, whether through scientific research, innovative policies, or organizational partnerships.