Policy Seminar

Boserup and Beyond

Mounting Land Pressures & Development Strategies in Africa
Sep 4, 2014 - 04:15 pm to 05:45 pm EDT

Mounting Land Pressures & Development Strategies in Africa

Evidence collected in the above titled special issue of the journal Food Policy shows that rising rural population densities and shrinking farm sizes in large parts of Africa are profoundly affecting farming systems as well as the process of economic transformation. These impacts are largely under-appreciated in the current discourse on development issues in the region.

This seminar will highlight the major findings of this issue of Food Policy regarding how people, markets and governments are responding to rising land pressures in Africa. The presenters will discuss the emerging challenges that African governments and development partners must anticipate in light of Africa’s rapidly changing land and demographic situation, evidence of unsustainable forms of agricultural intensification, a rapidly rising labor force, and limited nonfarm job creation. Additionally, the presenters will discuss possible policy actions for managing the unique development challenges in densely populated rural areas.